June 7th at 10:30AM SSC/LessWrong Virtual Meetup

Thanks for everyone who came to the meetup on May 24th.

Our next meetup is on June 7th.

Our guest speaker will be Steve Hsu, who will be do a talk on cognitive genomics and then take questions from the audience.

The talk will take place on Zoom. After the talk is done, we will meet up in parallel Hubs rooms. I will also open one Online.Town room for those having problems with Hubs.

You can register here: https://forms.gle/v6YTx3cZaqPveCuaA

Hub’s FAQ:

Is VR equipment required?

No. VR equipment is supported but not required. Most will not be using such equipment. 

How do I move in Hubs?

This link here covers the full controls: 


If you have a mouse, please use that when in Hubs. A trackpad is workable but a mouse works much better, as Hubs requires you to click when moving your view, which can be difficult with a trackpad.

In the event you don’t have access to a mouse and your trackpad proves cumbersome, “Q” and “E” can also be used to change your orientation. 

How do I change my name/avatar in Hubs?

This can be done in the hamburger menu on the top-left side of the screen under “Set name and avatar.”

If you do not have an account already, I would recommend logging into Hubs a few minutes ahead of time so you can change your name/avatar from the randomly-generated default to your real name or online handle.

I request everyone avoid the “realistic” human avatars as well as Quantum Fox and the faceless man, as the movements they make to indicate their wearer is talking are far too subtle. The robots, bobble-headed humans, square-headed entities of indeterminate origin, and animal avatars all do this much more effectively. 

It would be nice to minimize duplicates, so try to pick an avatar you think few people will pick even after you take into account the fact that they, too, have read this sentence.

If you have time to do this now, click this link: https://hubs.mozilla.com/Zd85BZs/ssc-lesswrong-meetup

Then click the hamburger menu on the top-left and click “Set name and Avatar”. While you are there, please change your name to your real name or SSC/LessWrong handle.

Once done, make sure to click your name in the right-hand corner and register with your email to save your settings.

Hubs does not run well on my computer, anything I can do?

If your computer is having trouble rendering the graphics, click “Preferences” under the hamburger menu and you can adjust the graphics settings for smoother performance.

If you think it is possible your computer will have this issue, it would probably be a good idea to sort this out before the meeting. Again, the link is here: https://hubs.mozilla.com/Zd85BZs/ssc-lesswrong-meetup

Make sure to click your name in the right-hand corner and register with your email to save your settings.

Audio issues, why can’t people hear me?

The volume of a speaker decreases with distance in Hubs. Try getting closer to people.

If you are still having audio issues, as always with such things test your audio and mic by recording a memo on your computer’s default memo software. 

If that works, then the next most likely problem is your browser has not granted permission to Hubs to access your headset and mic. If you click the lock icon on the top-left of your address bar, permissions can be adjusted there in both Chrome and Firefox.

If you still have trouble, once the featured speaker is done with their presentation find me (I will be wearing a plague doctor avatar) and I will do my best to help. 

What should I do if I meet a troll?

If someone is bothering you, you can mute them selectively by holding your space bar while looking at them. Or if they are truly a troll, find me and I can boot them.

If you hide or mute someone by mistake, you can undo this by selecting their name on the top-right menu. 

How do I enter the room?

To enter the room without VR, go to this link:https://hub.link/Zd85BZs. Then just click “Enter Room” and “Enter on Screen”.

If you are using an Oculus Quest that is not in link mode, click “Enter on Standalone VR device” and follow the instructions on screen. 

If you are using a PC-connected VR device (including an Oculus Quest with Quest Link enabled), switch your browser to Firefox and go to https://hub.link/Zd85BZs. Then click “Enter,” then “Connected VR headset.” 

Can I hang out in your Hubs room outside of official meeting hours?

The SSC/LessWrong Meetup room is always open. Feel free to join it any time. But note, any objects you create will be deleted before the next meeting. 

I have a custom avatar; can I use it?

Hubs supports the import of GLB files for avatars. If you have one you would rather use over the built-in avatars, feel free to do so.

Are there any rules on what avatars we can choose?

Because someone came in the form of a dachshund the size of a small apartment building, I have instituted a rule that you cannot have an avatar larger than an SUV. 

But I feel most comfortable when instantiated in a body of supernormal size. Can you make an exception?

Is an SUV not supernormal enough to satisfy this bizarre impulse? 

Let’s say it isn’t.

Well, you see, your size imposes a negative externality on other users, decreasing their enjoyment of the meeting. We have to account for that. So unfortunately, I can’t make an exception. 

What if the utility I gain from being a dachshund the size of a small apartment building exceeds the summed decrements in utility this causes others?

Well…then we are all in luck. You see, the Hubs metaverse is scaled such that the average avatar, were they transplanted into our world, would be the size of a small apartment building. It is merely an illusion of perspective that most avatars do not appear to be the size of a small apartment building. Thus, merely by showing up as a dachshund you will gain the utility you crave while avoiding imposing upon others.

What if the utility I gain from being a dachshund that, relative to the median avatar, appears to be the size of a small apartment building exceeds the summed decrements in utility this causes others?

Then you would be a sort of positional utility monster. Unfortunately, here at the SSC/LessWrong Mozilla Hubs Meetup we have precommitted to following a strict deontological rule which obliges us to ban all such creatures. 

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